Anders Hayward: Movement Director

From everyday boy, to model, to movement director. Anders Hayward has a unique ability to turn heads and provoke thought – a curious and interesting artist, he is a leading example of how we harness and develop talent at Unsigned.

We discovered Anders during a nationwide scouting tour, and he instantly grabbed our attention; his face has an unrivalled intrigue that sets him apart from other boys in the industry. From the first time we invited Anders to meet with us as a prospective management client he discussed his background and passion for contemporary dance. It was immediately apparent that he was a special talent. As an agency it’s imperative that when we take on new clients they have something distinct to offer that we genuinely believe we can build on and work with to differentiate them in an oversaturated market. Our brand-led focus makes us look at the bigger picture, the long term, how we can effectively manage an individual to enhance their unique attributes to build a genuine, lasting career.

“We can effectively manage an individual to enhance their unique attributes to build a genuine, lasting career”

Initially, we focused on positioning Anders as a leading model – working with a wide genre of photographers and stylists to promote his ability to find beauty through shape and form. As his status within the industry grew having fronted numerous campaigns and walked for the world’s elite brands, we used the opportunity to develop his talents, commissioning and publicising special projects that showcased his skill as a contemporary dancer.

It was at this point that his talents became recognised by Christopher Bailey (Creative Director – Burberry), who afforded Anders the opportunity to co-choreograph and star in the mainline dance inspired festive campaign alongside Romeo Beckham. Now a front-row stalwart as an influencer in his own right Anders works across the industry as a movement director and leading model.

anders hayward burberry

Unsigned works hand in hand with Anders on a global management basis, placing him with renowned acting agency Troika in London and Sherpa Management in the U.S. Our aim is to now continue Anders’ transition through to the acting industry whilst maintaining his elite position as a model.