As part of her on-going work as a philanthropist, Unsigned partnered Helena Christensen with UN refugee agency UNHCR – to act as a global ambassador, raising awareness to those who are vulnerable, fleeing conflict and violence. Flying out to the impoverished slums outside of Bogata, Colombia, Helena used her skills as a photographer to document and photograph internally displaced women in both a rural and an urban environment – highlighting their courage and the need for global support as part of the charity’s World Refugee Day 2015 campaign.

“I want to use my skills to create a platform for these women’s stories”

Helena said “I want to use my skills to create a platform for these women’s stories which are shocking and inspiring… We travelled to the barrio of Soacha, a settlement crammed on top of a sand quarry about an hour outside of Bogota, where we met the incredible Maribeth, 41, who lives in the barrio of Altos de la Florida and works as a cook and traditional dancer. She has four children aged 19, 8, 8 and 6, and she cooks and sells incredibly good tasting dishes made with rice, meat and lots of spices, wrapped and steamed in banana leaves. She loves to dance the traditional “choco” dance and teaches it in the barrios, something she says makes her happy ‘my spirit is free when I dance and am in another world.”