Helena Christensen X Huawei

Helena Christensen is a renowned photographer – and her latest role is working with HUAWEI and its flagship ‘intelligent’ phone, the P20

Helena’s collection of images entitled “See More”, focuses on the stories of three talented professionals, and demonstrates how the new mobile camera empowers photographers and viewers alike to see more of subjects, thanks to the perfect balance of light and detail in each portrait.

Helena found the process truly compelling and stated the following; “For this shoot, it was important to me that I captured the spirit and dedication of my subjects, and that my portraits faithfully convey what kind of person they are without the need for words,” says Helena Christensen. “Shooting with the HUAWEI P20 Pro smartphone not only made this process a lot easier, but it also meant I could get a lot closer to these amazing women, as it removed the need for any additional equipment, effectively breaking down the physical barriers that previously stood between me and my subjects.