Murdock X NYC

Unsigned Take Murdock State Side

To celebrate Murdock’s great new products and their exclusive relationship with the US giant Nordstrom, Unsigned and a crack team of Murdock’s finest took the sky.

Telling Murdock’s compelling story required an equally compelling location, one that truly represented the brilliance of the barbers and put them at the top of their field. The W Times Squares penthouse seemed like the perfect fit and with some tender loving care, we were able to transform the space into something the Murdock barbers could call home.

The week saw some serious barbering take place and great talent flowed through the door, then back out with a great cut and a bag of barber prescribed goodies.

The week reached its crescendo with a penthouse launch party: hosted by the Murdock barbers, Helena Christensen and Gemma Lionello. The event welcomed a host of talent, celebrities, models, editors and influencers for a night of drinks canapes and music, by special guest DJ Mingus Reedus.