Oliver Proudlock Interview in The Samsonian

Oliver Proudlock’s on screen persona is very reflective of his mannerisms outside of the media. A naturally outgoing character who many would presume lives at a similar pace to what we see on-screen. But as Anthony Elliott from Samsonian discovered Proudlock’s story goes far deeper than reality TV. An artist in his youth, he has renewed his creative efforts via his label SERGE DENIMES – a label fast gaining credibility in its own right.  Oliver has recently adapted a better approach to not only his daily life but also his work, rekindling a focus that has seen him step away from the bright hue of popular culture. Make sure to read the full interview using the link below:



Photography | Jonathan Daniel Pryce
Styling | John Jarrett
Interview | Anthony Elliott
Hair | Josh Thom
Grooming | Jenna Jarrett
Location | Grosvenor House Suites

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