Helena Christensen

Universally regarded as one of the world’s leading models, Helena Christensen has one of the most diverse and multifaceted careers in the business.

As a mother, photographer, entrepreneur and environmental activist, Helena’s career is without comparison: fashion accolades range from being on the front cover of Elle Magazine UK more than any other person (Elle being the world’s most successful fashion magazine), being the launch model of iD magazine, through to having issues of Spanish Vogue and Brazilian Elle dedicated entirely to her.

Originally entering the world of modelling to fund her passion as a photographer, she now manages both careers in unison. As a photographer, she regularly works with Vs, Vogue and RIKA, amongst many others.

Amongst her other achievements, Helena has been the global ambassador for international humanitarian organisation OXFAM for the past five years. She has also held photographic exhibitions of her work in world-leading art galleries – even housed at the UN Building in New York attended by World First Leaders.

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