Nomad Barber

The Nomad Barber is a web-series founded by Miguel Gutierrez. With over a million views on YouTube, he holds the accolade as the world’s most watched and travelled barber. Documenting his journey to talk with, and learn from, the best in the trade across five continents, and discover how the techniques vary across the globe.

Miguel’s concept began on June 12th, 2013, ten years to the day that since he began his career in the world of barbering. Flying to Athens, he set out to discover more about the Greek barbers who brought classic barbering to Europe, before travelling to Turkey to continue his 12-month pilgrimage to learn about the history of barbering/male grooming.

Playing on the social aspect of the barbershop to meet people from all walks of life – whether on the street, in a park or on the beach, he set up his stool at any given opportunity to offer haircuts to his fellow travellers. Filming across twenty countries on his round-the-world trip, he embarked upon the journey of a lifetime, amassing millions of YouTube views along the way and over 100,000 followers across social media.

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