Kevin Luchmun

Kevin Luchmun is an award-winning London based barber/ men’s stylist and photographer renowned for his blend of traditional barbering and high-end male hairdressing. Globally Luchmun is the most in demand educator in the mens industry, Kevin has created some of the industry’s most iconic looks, he understands what it takes to succeed in both a creative and business capacity. 
Kevin Luchmun Education utilises a holistic approach to succeeding in the male hair industry. 
Kevin’s educational roots were formed at Toni & Guy during tenures as International Art Director and Head of Men’s Education. He has since travelled the globe delivering KLE and continuously gaining exposure to international trends.
For eleven years Kevin’s career was synonymous with one of the hair industry’s leading brands, With a clear artistic vision he rose through the ranks to assume the position of International Art Director for Toni & Guy and label.m and headed up their men’s education division.
During his formative years he would continuously seek educational opportunities to further hone his craft, a philosophy he still adopts to this day. 
Loved by actors, musicians, models alike he has an enviable black book with a second to none contact and network.